NCAS Outreach Program


A primary mission of NCAS is to introduce and educate the general public on the wonders of astronomy.  From September through May, we conduct public skygazing sessions every 4-5 weeks, coinciding roughly with the first quarter moon (and weekend).  During the summer months, Rocky Mountain National Park hosts "dark sky" observing sessions approximately twice per month; members from most front range clubs (including NCAS) share telescopes and expertise with the public.

Supported Organizations

NCAS primarily supports organizations and events that are open to the general public.  NCAS does NOT officially support for-profit events.  Fees to defray costs for optional services (food, transportation, crafts, etc.) are acceptable.  Support for private events will be considered upon request.  Typical organizations/events supported include:


Typical outreach events include: telescope skygazing, presentation on astronomy topic(s) of interest, or solar observing.  THANKS go to all the volunteers who generously share their time, expertise, and equipment with the public.

Event Planning

Please allow us to help pick the date, but we will try to support your event even if the date is already final.  We can help select a good date/time for an observing session, and need to make sure volunteer(s) are available.

For your planned event we will want to know:

To schedule an event, contact the coordinator for outreach *

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