NCAS Administrative Info

Membership (details)

Club membership dues are $20/year. They are collected in January, and will be pro-rated for new members who join mid-year.  Dues can be paid to the club treasurer (or any officer) at a club meeting, or you can pay thru Paypal. NCAS membership benefits include: membership in the Astronomical League (including the Reflector magazine), use of club equipment and books, and a discount of ~$10 on Sky and Telescope ($32.95/yr) and/or Astronomy ($34/yr) magazines.  (Contact an officer for the web link for astronomy club member orders.)

NCAS Membership Dues

Constitution and Bylaws

Current Officers (add "" to name; email links available with javascript)

Position Name Email Name (Link)*
President Amanda Bell pres
Vice President Robert Arn vp
Secretary Dave Karp sec
Treasurer Greg Halac treas
Objective View Newsletter Editor Amanda Bell objview
Web Editor, Outreach Coordinator Greg Halac web-edit

Club Meetings (details)

NCAS meets monthly, usually the first Thursday of the month at the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery.  Club business is covered from 6:15-6:30p, followed by an astronomy-related presentation.  All NCAS events are free and the public is welcome.

Public Outreach (details)

NCAS strives to introduce and educate the public on the wonders of astronomy.  We conduct regular public skygazing events, and support education events at area schools.  Members provide telescope advice and/or help upon request.

Loan Items (details)

NCAS owns a variety of purchased and donated equipment and publications. These items are available upon request for club member use.  If there is no waiting list, an item can be borrowed with an open-ended return date.  Members considering buying a first telescope are strongly encouraged to try out a club scope in order to make an informed purchase decision.  We really want to see these items get used; training on the equipment is available if needed.

E-mail and Mailing Lists (details)

E-mail is the primary means of communication to the club members outside of monthly meetings.  Club members are given an email name of "lastname_initial" on the domain; this enables you to send email to a member if you know the person's name. (Contact the webmaster if you prefer a different email name.) Messages are forwarded to the member's primary email address. Please note that for some reason, ISPs have occasionally blocked NCAS messages as "spam"; Comcast and AOL have caused the most frequent problems. To insure receipt, members are encouraged to open and use an account on Google mail.

A number of mailing lists are supported. Membership on the mailing lists is open to everyone (including non-members), but subscription requests are moderated. Only approved subscribers may post to the lists at the following addresses (append "" to the address or use the javascript-based link, if available):

Web Space Info

For members who would like to create their own web content, contact the webmaster to set up a subdomain for you on

Broken links or errors - email*: webmaster
Content suggestions - email*: web-edit

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