Thor's Helmet

Image 2012 Robert Grover     Email name*: Grover_R

Object Name: Thor's Helmet

Observation Info

Imaging Info

- Date/Time: 2012-11-21

- Camera: Canon XSi (450D) - Hap Griffin Modified

- Location: Natural Bridges National Monument

- Scope/Lens: ES 102 ED f/7 Triplet

- Limiting Magnitude:

- Optical path: Astro-Tech Field Flattener
- Seeing: - Filter(s):
- Transparency: - ISO Setting/Film: 1600
- Temp./Wind: - Exposure time, #: 300s, 31 frames


After moonset, I began working on the target of choice for that night – Thor’s Helmet. Thor’s Helmet “is a bright emission and/or reflection nebula in Canis Major.” (from Sky Safari description) It is also known as the Duck Nebula and bears catalog designations of NGC 2359, Sharpless 2-298 and Gum 4. It lies about 1800 light years from the Earth and glows at magnitude +11.50. At 8 x 6 arcminutes, it is a rather small target for my imaging system. I have seen it visually with my 13.1 & an O-III filter, and it is a fairly striking visual object. When imaged, though the surrounding nebulosity spreads over a much larger area of the sky.



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