Iridium 6

Image 2013 Dan Laszlo     Email name*: Laszlo_D


Object Name: Iridium 6

Observation Info

Imaging Info

- Date/Time: 2013-02-16, 7:07p MST

- Camera: Canon Rebel XSi

- Location: Fort Collins, Colorado

- Scope/Lens: Canon 17-40L at 17mm, f/4

- Limiting Magnitude:

- Optical path: 
- Seeing: - Filter(s):
- Transparency: - ISO Setting/Film: 800
- Temp./Wind:  - Exposure time, #: 62s


Here is my humble backyard shot near Lemay and Trilby in Ft Collins. Piggybacked on a Parallax mount. Canon DPP to TIF. Denoise, color balance, curves and crop in PS CS2.
Below Orion's Sword, is a trail left by an Atlas V Centaur spacecraft (at mag 2.4 - compared to the Iridium flare of mag -8)


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