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Fort Collins NOAA #1
Keota NOAA (Keota)  Mini-Chart for Keota  
Rocky Mountain N.P. NOAA (Estes Park) #1
Foxpark, WY NOAA (Jelm)  

Skygazing References

Special Celestial Objects & Events

Regional Star Parties

Date Event Location
10-17 May 2015Texas Star Party (TSP) Fort Davis, TX
10-14 Jun 2015Rocky Mountain Star Stare (RMSS) Gardner, CO
12-17 Jul 2015 Nebraska Star Party (NSP) Merritt Reservoir 27mi S of Valentine, NE
??? Jul 2015 ??? Badlands Astronomy Festival (BAF) Badlands Nat'l Park, S Dakota
12-20 Sep 2015 Okie-Tex Star Party W Okla. panhandle
??? Sep 2015 ??? The Enchanted Skies Star Party Socorro, New Mexico


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