Front Range Astronomy Community

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If you are interested in becoming a member and posting messages to this group, please send a short astro-bio of your interests in astronomy and the city you live in, something of an introduction for members of the group to Robert Arn [email link]

FRAC list members belong to the Longmont Astronomical Society (LAS), the Northern Colorado Astronomical Society (NCAS), Cheyenne Astronomical Society (CAS), & other clubs around the 'Front Range' of Colorado.

The FRAC was originally created (March 1999) and conceived by Archer Sully, and it has an interesting charter:

Moderator Robert Arn

Copyright © 2002-2003, LeRoy W.L. Guatney

Created: 27 October 2002.
Last Update: January 2. 2012

Late in June of 2002, Archer sought out a replacement and LeRoy Guatney stepped

up and volunteered. In August 2004, Tom Teters took over moderator duties. Then in January 2012 I (Robert Arn) began my role as the majordomo of FRAC.

The list is still run from the system at, but Archer and LeRoy have setup a Yahoo Group to act as a list archiver, as well as other features for list members. The Yahoo Group acts only as a list archive, so no posts are permitted there. The Calendar, Files, Links, and Photos section are visible to the public, and don't even require a Yahoo membership to view. The message archives are visible only to list members. If I know you, I will permit read-only access to the list via the Yahoo Group, but to keep the message archives private, you must register with Yahoo.

Yahoo Group page

Please note that when Archer was archiving the messages on beachbat, the messages, including complete e-mail address, was visible and on-line. You may now also read list archives at, if you are a list member. list page

Some words of warning. This is not just an LAS list [Archer is an LAS list member, so is LeRoy], but a general, it's a list for observers in the area. The idea is to promote cross-club observing sessions and communication.

This is a mailing list, not a club. "tac" is a term borrowed from another mailing list that [Archer] was on (used with permission).

For more info on TAC, point your browser at: