Northern Colorado Astronomical Society (NCAS)

Sat Dec 27, 7:30p: Public Skygazing, Fossil Creek Reservoir

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The purpose of our organization is to encourage the understanding & interest in the science & hobby of astronomy. We meet the first Thursday of each month & discuss our interests & share our experience in the universal world of astronomy.

See the 2014_Brochure for a club overview.


Nov23 Merope
( 2014 George Angelos)

Pacman Nebula

Oct26 Pacman Nebula
( 2014 Charlie Davis)

Solar Eclipse

Oct23 Solar Eclipse
( 2014 Robert Grover)

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Northern Colorado Astronomical Society Event Calendar from the Night Sky Network.

NCAS Regular Meetings (NCAS meets at the new Ft Collins Museum of Discovery)
Thu Jan 8, 6:30p
(Mtg 6:15p, Dinner 7:45p)
Dr. David Malaspina, CU Laboratory for Atmospheric & Space Physics (LASP): "The Solar Probe Mission"
Key club business: Election of officers for 2015
408 Mason Court
Ft Collins

Thu Feb 5, 6:30p
(Mtg 6:15p, Dinner 7:45p)
Dr. Roger Culver, CSU: TBD 408 Mason Court
Ft Collins

Thu Mar 5, 6:30p
(Mtg 6:15p, Dinner 7:45p)
Carla Johns, former telescope operator at: "The Revered Mt Wilson Observatory: Yesterday and Today" 408 Mason Court
Ft Collins

Thu Apr  2, 2015
Speaker to be announced. Suggestions/volunteers for speakers/topics should be directed to the NCAS VP . 408 Mason Court
Ft Collins

Thu May 7, 6:30p
(Mtg 6:15p, Dinner 7:45p)
Dr. Emily Levesque, CU Center for Astrophysics & Space Astronomy (CASA): The Weirdest Stars in the Universe 408 Mason Court
Ft Collins

Public Skygazing (click on location link for exact site; see full schedule via volunteer pages)
Sat Dec 27, 7:30p
Fri Jan 23, 7:30p
Fossil Creek Reservoir Regional Open Space parking area.
7-day moon, Winter sky, Jupiter ~9p
3-day moon, Jupiter, Winter sky
0.5mi WNW of 
Carpenter Rd (CR32)  and Eagle Ranch Rd.

Reserved/Private Events (see NCAS Outreach page to request an event for your group)
Tue Jan 27, 6-8p
Big Thompson ES "Starry Night" skygazing 7702 W. Highway 34
TBD NCAS strives to share the wonders of astronomy with educational, community, and other non-profit groups. TBD

"New Moon" Dark Sky Observing (time listed is sunset)
Fri Dec 19, 4:36p Dark sky sites getting scarce - suggestions welcome! Oil drilling lights in Pawnee Grasslands have made the area unreliable for star parties. Subscribe to FRAC for plans

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